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Small Business Security: The Right Password

By January 6, 2015 No Comments

In 2014, Tech Officers focused on Security for Small Business. With the recent attacks against major corporations like Sony and JP Morgan Chase, it’s important to realize that everyone is vulnerable. Just because you’re a little guy doesn’t mean you are immune. You’re a target, because you have relationships with larger companies that could be the “end” target of a hack. Security is everyone’s job, and a great start is your personal password.

Tech Officers always advises keeping your email account as the “holy grail” of all passwords that you use, simply because most of your account passwords can be reset from your email address. If you have the option for two-factor authentication, use it.

Here’s a great little video from our friends at Sophos about picking the right password. Think your password is safe with 8 characters? Watch and be amazed.