Juicy Tidbits

Promise of Weekly Juicy Tidbits

By September 25, 2015 No Comments

It’s been a while!

We’ve been busy with quite a few great improvements inside of Tech Officers, but the one thing that seems to have been missed is our news feed. We’re changing that right away.

This will be a useful source of information for small businesses that are just getting started or small businesses that are looking for some basic advice. Yes, we may be selling something here or there, and we’re always going to be available to help you go deeper into one of our topics, but we will take the approach that the feed is our way of giving back to the community.


Life in a Small Business

As a small business owner, I know how tough it can be to just get through the day. Pulled in every direction, commitments to multiple folks, and looking at the bank account and trying to do just a little bit better every day. Working in a small business, you are usually covering multiple roles at once. You don’t have the luxury of being just the X person. You must be the X, Y, and the Z person. It can be exhilarating yet frustrating at the same time.


Reintroduction and Juicy Tidbits

So let’s reintroduce ourselves and start fresh from here. My promise is that I’ll come to you with juicy tidbits, each week. Maybe they apply to you. Maybe they don’t. The one thing we’ve seen is that small businesses are more similar than not. While your product or service may be completely different from the next business, many of the core issues that small businesses face are identical. No, you’re not alone. Yes, there are networks that are much worse than yours. That mess of wires that goes who knows where is quite a common sight when we walk into a business. And yes, there is hope!

Here’s to a new, informative feed! Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you next week!