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Trouble Delegating or Having Effective Meetings?

By November 22, 2015 No Comments

After a few weeks of travel, health issues, and just plain being overloaded, I wanted to do something a little different from my recent posts. I want to talk about a tool that we’ve started using internally that I think other small businesses might be able to utilize.

It’s called Workboard.

One thing we’ve struggled with is a single place where we could send tasks back and forth across the organization effectively and in a fun way that makes everyone want to contribute. Yes, we have our own internal ticketing system, but one former employee said using the system felt like we were whispering into her head “we hate you” every moment she used it.

On top of this, cross-delegation between teams and individuals within the organization can be a nightmare. Emails get lost in the overload of messages that come in. Even confirming with someone that something needs to get done gets lost in emergency priorities that come in at every moment. How in the world can we keep track of everything that needs to be done and FOCUS on the important things that will move our business forward?

Enter Workboard. Just as a simple task management tool that you can use to delegate tasks across the organization, it comes out on top. But I’ve found the most useful features center on the Meetings. When you schedule and create a meeting within Workboard, you have the ability to bring-up existing goals and tasks, invite participants to add items to the agenda, and capture deliverables from your meeting while you are meeting. Not only do you keep track of your deliverables, but you can assign them directly within Workboard. At the end of your meeting, everyone gets a copy of the agenda, notes, and the outcomes. Quite frankly, it’s an amazing tool for a small business to keep track of meetings and eliminate meetings that don’t move your business forward.

As for pricing, it’s pretty simple. Start a 14-day trial for free, then decide if you want to stay on the free version or move to the Elite version that costs $588/year/manager. If you’re having trouble with delegating tasks to your team, staying on top of statuses of each task, or endless meetings that go nowhere, Workboard may be a solution for you.

We’re not getting paid for this. We just like the tool.

Stay-tuned for my next update this week on Calendaring. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks, and I’m sure many of you will find this useful for taking the headache out of your multiple calendar nightmares. Until then, have a FANTASTIC Monday!