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It’s been a while…

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Wow, time flies!

We’ve been working on some fantastic stuff at Tech Officers, and we’re about to launch some exciting product offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. Stay tuned for that.

One thing that remains constant as we work with our clients is the common thread we see with the companies we service. As a small business owner, I understand some of the frustrations that come with owning a business. How am I going to pay for that? That’s cool, but I can’t do it right now. I just want to make payroll for the month so I can relax until next month. Why won’t these things work and talk with each other? Am I the only one facing this problem? Where do I find new business? Am I successful?

Any of that sound familiar? With all the pressures of running a business, we can sometimes get bogged down in the little things that take us away from what’s important in our lives. Last year, my father passed away. Part of me regrets spending so much time working when I could have been spending that time with him in his final weeks. The other part of me knows he was proud of what I was doing, and I did the right thing. I also get a sense of bliss from working with incredible clients, partners, contractors, and employees. Sometimes I step back and say, “Wow! We created this! How cool is that?”

So I want to start sharing some insights from my experience in running my business. Some of it relates to tech, and some of it might not. I think this is relevant in a few ways. First, it gives clients and prospective clients an idea of how we operate at Tech Officers. Second, it might be useful to someone out there that’s struggling. Third, tech blogs are notoriously dull. I don’t want to be that.

So thanks for reading up to this point. I’m excited for what the future holds, and I can’t wait to share some of what’s churning behind the scenes.

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