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STOP the Text Messages Already

If you’re anything like me, you’ve received countless text messages from political campaigns asking for your support or your vote or just annoying you. Throwing your phone against a wall won’t help. You just want to stop the automated texts.

Reply “STOP” to remove your number from their list. This action doesn’t mean you will be taken off of every list out there, but it will prevent this same campaign from pestering you.

For me, my cell phone is my zen space. After being constantly barraged with political messages in this season, and I find it incredibly annoying to receive these little requests for support at the most inopportune moments.

This action usually applies to any of the automated messages that you receive on your mobile phone, not just political messages. To stop their system from sending you messages, just reply stop. You should immediately receive a confirmation that messages to you have been stopped along with a way to “reactivate” messages if you decide you’ve made an error.

And just a quick reminder, please be sure to vote! Your voice is important and deserves to be heard. And with that, I’ll STOP.

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