Sound Familiar?

Most of our clients came from humble beginnings. Someone had a fantastic idea, and something amazing grew organically from that vision. Along the way, snippets of technology were pieced together to get the job done. It might not have been elegant, but it worked.

More and more people join in the crusade for the shared vision. Things run smoothly, for the most part. Then the headaches start. A day comes when the organization realizes there’s no plan for how technology will fit with the goals of the business.

Common Problem

01. Stuff Not Working

What used to at least work is no longer doing so. Users spend more and more valuable time on things that just don’t work the way they should. People that should be producing are focusing on tech issues, reducing overall output and creating frustration for the entire team. Why is it this stuff used to work before, but not any longer? The tech-savvy employee no longer seems able to handle or manage the tech in the organization, and you don’t even pay them to take care of the tech.

Common Problem

02. Money Wasted

The organization spends money on “solutions” that are supposed to fix issues, but they only create more complex problems that never get resolved. The Cloud is supposed to make things simpler and more affordable, but it has the opposite effect. New hardware gets sidelined. New software gets abandoned. Unknown cloud services show up in monthly bills. Nobody is looking at the big picture. Nobody has TIME to do so, much less create a plan of some sort.

Common Problem

03. Disorganization

There is a general state of disorder when it comes to technology in the organization. When were devices purchased? When does the warranty run out? Who needs a new machine and when? What are all of the license keys? Which computers have our licensed software? What cloud services do we use? Is there a better option for our Internet? What was our Guest Network password? Who are the vendors that we work with? Wait…. I have to fight a more critical fire. These questions will have to wait.

How does Tech Officers solve this?

Tech Officers has a process to tackle the chaos and clear the clutter of your technology landscape efficiently. How quickly we implement solutions is based on your budget and feedback, but below is a high-level view of how we address the issues in your technology landscape.


01. Communicate

The first step is to communicate with all of the stakeholders, whether they’re owners or key employees. Everyone has their take on what’s going on. While we can back-up opinions with facts that we gather from the technology, we work to understand what exists today to know where we are now and map out a strategy to where we want to be. Everyone has their piece of the information puzzle. By connecting with all of the relevant parties, we can start to piece together the big picture.


02. Document

The next step in our process is to document the information we have gathered in a meaningful way. This action clears the clutter and chaos so that we can visually see patterns and “empty spaces” in your technology landscape. We are then able to come up with a relevant action plan that is unique to your business and budget. This information is all captured in one place, and you have access to what we gather at all times.


03. Execute and Refine

We execute plans of action to refine your technology infrastructure and landscape, resolving critical issues quickly and implementing long-term strategies for customised, meaningful change for tech in your business. Internally, we have weekly review meetings to “course-correct” as we go as well as quarterly meetings with you to ensure we’re still on the right track. We also want to account for changes in technology, as they occur.

Tech Officers does…

Tech Officers acts as your organization’s outsourced IT Department. We handle all of the essential stuff like helpdesk and support as well as the more complicated stuff like cleaning up the records, planning for new equipment and tools, implementation of new tech, and budgeting of your technology spend. We only work with small businesses, so we know what works and what will scale as you grow. We live and breathe this stuff.

Tech Officers works with…

We only work with businesses and non-profits, and we usually request that the organization have at least five users. Your offices can be anywhere, as long as there’s an Internet connection. We’re comfortable with virtual offices and remote users. Talk with us. We’re happy to have a conversation and create the best opportunity for your unique organizational structure and goals. Simply click YES below to get started.


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