IT Solutions: Case Studies

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Spring Studio

Enterprise WiFi

Situation: WiFi Not Working

A tech-savvy design firm needed a highly reliable, secure WiFi solution that covers an entire floor of a downtown office building. Users may roam freely from anywhere on the floor and connect with a unique password that only works for the individual user. Controller-less access points ensure always-on connectivity for all WiFi devices.



Connected Office

Situation: Spotty Internet and Security

An environmental non-profit wasn’t able to work effectively across multiple locations. Internet connection was shoddy at best, and the Executive Director wanted weekly video conferences between all sites. Tech Officers implemented a refresh strategy that reduced costs while upgrading Internet speeds as well as installing enterprise-grade firewalls to keep the organization safe. Today, the organization has weekly video calls and all sites enjoy better Internet connectivity and security. 


AC Enterprises

Office Relocation

Situation: No-Downtime Move Office

A construction company that’s always busy didn’t have time to have downtime. Tech Officers coordinated with key people during the build of the new office space as well as the weeks leading up to the Easter weekend move. Friday afternoon, the office relocated almost 28 miles away. Monday morning, the company was up and running with minimal impact to the users, all while enjoying benefits of some upgraded hardware in the process. 


Coastal International

Cloud-Based Email

Situation: Unreliable Exchange Server

A trade-show services business was running into some severe issues with an aging email infrastructure. As a Google Partner, Tech Officers suggested a move to the Cloud-Based Google Apps (now G Suite) offering, migrating all old email accounts while taking into account new email coming into those accounts. A new naming structure was also introduced in this transition, making it easier to email the correct person in the company. Today, the business enjoys always-on email service and message archiving along with the additional collaboration tools available from G-Suite.

Storage & Cloud

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