Small Businesses are Big Targets

As more and more business goes online, your risk grows. Do you have a plan not only to block and prevent but mitigate if you do have a security incident?

Think of Security as the door on your home. You’re going to most likely lock your door at night and make sure it’s secure. For most people, this simple deterrent will keep them away. But for a serious criminal, they’ll break a window. No matter what you do to prevent, someone can always find a way to get around your protection. The key is to make it so difficult to attempt getting inside so that it’s not worth trying.

But if there is a security incident, how do you respond? How do you mitigate the risk of data loss? Do you notify your clients and customers? Are you bound by agreements or regulations to take specific actions?

Tech Officers helps you navigate these scary waters to help your business thrive, even when under attack.

Common Problem

01. No Real Plan

Most Organizations play with fire, thinking it’s enough to simply have a low-cost AntiMalware program. Little to no thought is put into a comprehensive strategy to address security in the organization as well as training for users. The weakest link in your security will always be the users in your environment.

Common Problem

02. Subpar AntiMalware

You get what you pay for, and risking the data integrity of your organization with a free to a low-cost AntiMalware solution is risky. Tech Officers partners with Sophos on multiple levels in the security space, trusting their advanced Intercept X as well as endpoint protection.

Common Problem

03. Lack of Firewall

Gone are the days when a simple firewall could adequately handle the security within your network. Threats to your organization are now sophisticated. Using Sophos’ XG Firewall line introduces a tool that actively monitors inbound and outbound communication to ensure your network, users, and intellectual property are safe.

What is Intercept X?

Powered by Deep Learning neural networks, Intercept X is a way that we’re able to protect our clients from all known ransomware on the planet. Here’s a video about Intercept X’s machine learning.


01. Plan

Uncover the existing state of the environment and discover gaps in your security landscape. Address gaps in infrastructure, addressing local and remote users as well as programs for training all users how to manage cyber threats.


02. Standardize AntiMalware

Ensure all devices in the environment are running Sophos Endpoint Protection as well as Sophos Intercept X to protect against malware, including ransomware.


03. Upgrade Firewall

Upgrade the Firewall to a Sophos XG firewall, providing advanced monitoring options as well as communication to each endpoint via Security Heartbeat, isolating infected devices in quarantine, away from other devices in the network.

Ignore the “Your Computer is Slow” banners

Security is an evolving task, and a simple scanning application isn’t going to resolve your real security problems. While we offer some great tools to help protect your organization, it’s the human touch and connection that makes the difference. We consider how a user would use their machine and what would be the impact to them in all of our solutions. And as the threat landscape evolves, so do our recommendations for security for your organization.

Take Real Steps to Secure your Organization

Getting started is easier than you might think. With no “start-up” costs for our services, we’re able to start working with you immediately. We can customize a security solution that will meet your organization’s needs, and make sure you’re protected right away.

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