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Part of Tech Officers functions as a boutique, full-service web and application development team.  We consult, design, develop, and implement web-sites, hand-held applications, and full-scale, custom business applications.  We also help with online marketing services after release.

Success Has A Process

Our Six Steps to Project Success

It’s not rocket science.

But by taking logical steps through our development process, we are able to help creativity blossom, keep budgets contained, and finish on-time.

As engineers by training, we tend to error on the side of conservative expectations.  We document projects with thorough client input and communication.  This helps all parties succeed with amazing results.

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01. Research

For us, clear design begins with a deep understanding needs and wants, both of our clients and their audiences.  Mastering the nuances of an industry, exploring background of competition, and discovery of where client’s passions are governs our entire process.

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02. Design

End-to-end design can be challenging. We shape and soften the procedural rough edges by riding the lines between customer input, creative inspiration, and industry norms.

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03. Develop

Engineering is all about the realization of a designed vision. With over a decade of engineering experience, we employ the latest technologies to more fully realize the goals of our clients.

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04. Thorough Testing

By allocating the proper amount of time and resources for a full testing process, we understand that the user experience on your software, web-site, or mobile app will shine. It is critical to set the right impression, and we make it a focus.

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05. Timely Release

Time is money. Proper coordination with executive messaging, marketing pushes, and change-management can make or break a release. It is a priority, not an afterthought.

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06. Marketing

The creation of a solid app, interesting website, or useful web application is only the start of the process. Getting it in the hands of people with matching needs requires a successful coordinated effort. Tech Officers walks through end-to-end solutions for marketing your new projects.

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